Roja Parfums



(45h burning time/10oz)

My candles truly celebrate British craftsmanship. They are hand made in England; the scent and the candle wax blended and poured by hand. Many of the oils I use are scarcely used in perfumery let alone candle-making; these precious materials are the pinnacle of luxury.

Using the finest quality oils Roja Dove has created a selection of candles that are without compare. Each burns for approximately 45 hours. The candle range features ingredients found within Roja Parfums creations allowing a client to fashion their bespoke scented environment in keeping with their Odour Profile. Burning the candles singularly or in combination, a client’s chosen Roja Parfums fragrance will be beautifully enhanced creating a perfect olfactory nirvana.

The harbinger of Spring. The fresh floral breeze that languidly drifts towards summer.


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