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( 125 ML / 4.23 OZ ) 

Biological Anti-Cellulite Cream with phyto and bio-complexes.

This cream directly attacks the causes of cellulite. The particular composition of the active complex, phyto-sterols, prevents the production of fatty lumps and encourages their elimination. The skin is restructured, smoothed, and strengthened and its "orange peel" appearance is gradually diminished. Clinical studies have shown a visible reduction of cellulite among 70% of women following 8 weeks of regular application. 

Texture: non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. Alcohol-free and with no artificial coloring.

Attack treatment: 1 application per day on the affected areas (average course of treatment is between 8 and 12 weeks)

Cellcosmet and Cellmen define a new generation of skin care products for men and women based on cellular cosmetology. The highly concentrated formulas revitalize and rejuvenate the entire cell metabolism. The use of stabilized bio-integral cells in combination with 100% pure natural plant and marine extracts constitutes the science behind this skincare line that meets highest Swiss standards. 

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