Astier de Villatte


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(150ml/5.07oz Eau de Cologne natural spray)

A flash of lightning, a sharp and lilting fusion of a spruce citrus blend, delectable orange, gentle bergamot, and the greenest touch of lemon. And as it develops on skin, not fading but becoming more and more appealing, a luscious trail of aromatic herbs and patchouli, sunny and clean.

Top notes: orange, bergamot, lemon

Heart notes: aromatic heart

Base notes: patchouli

Composed by Françoise Caron, born in Grasse, France, the land of the May rose, she became one of the first female perfumers. At only 26, her dream of design sophisticated fragrances for the luxury industry came true. She's passionate about the natural world and knos the name and smell of every flower. A virtuoso in creating Chypre perfumes, loyal to fresh scents above all, she excels in impeccably balanced compositions. Many of her designs are successful worldwide. In 2007 she joins Takasago, a prestigious Japanese fragrance producer. With a team of young talented perfumers, she supervises the development of Astier de Vilatte's perfumed products.


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